Terms and Conditions for Skreddy Pedals

Updated 27-APR-2019

Privacy Act Statement: Your information will be used to fulfill your order for Skreddy Pedals products and services. We do not disclose your information to third parties without your consent, except to facilitate the transaction, to act on your behalf or request, or as legally required.


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Made to Order

We make our products on an as-ordered basis.  We do not carry any products in stock.  It takes a while to get through our order list and to make your pedal.  The current wait time as listed on each product page (i.e,; about a months or so) is an estimate; this is subject to change due to many factors including those outside of our control.  We try but are not always successful at keeping our dealers stocked.


We use US Postal Service Priority Mail for domestic shipping, and we will calculate the cost when we send your final invoice.

We use US Postal Service Priority International for shipping outside of the US, when we can.  Some countries will need Express Mail instead of Priority.  We will calculate the cost of shipping and add it to your final invoice.

International Customs/Import Taxes

Please be aware of YOUR COUNTRY'S customs and tax policies and don't blame me if/when your order is subject to import taxes or fees or whatever, based on the actual price you paid.  Don't expect us to under-value your commercial invoice for customs.

Noise and Stacking

When you run two or more "dirt" pedals, i.e., boosts, overdrives, distortions, or fuzzes, concurrently, you are "stacking."  Generally the recommended way to stack dirt pedals is to set all of their gains very low for the minimum amount of noise.  Please know this: even though most Skreddy dirt pedals CAN be set to subtle or clean gain settings, they are not MADE or INTENDED for stacking.  Every Skreddy dirt pedal was conceived and designed and tested to be the only dirt pedal in the signal chain.  They do not need to be boosted or overdriven to sound good.  But more importantly, STACKING INCREASES NOISE LEVELS.  If you stack your dirt pedals, that is fine, and it is unavoidable many times during live performances.  Stacking is part of the fun and can lead to extremely satisfying results.  But please be aware that Skreddy Pedals is not responsible for your satisfaction with regard to how noisy your signal chain gets when you stack multiple boosts, overdrives, distortions, and/or fuzzes, nor are we responsible for how well or how poorly multiple stacked dirt pedals respond to one another in your signal chain with your settings.

Custom Orders: NO REFUNDS

We strongly discourage custom orders of any kind.  We have to standardize our product configuration in order to grow.  But if you do manage to convince me to make you something custom, different graphics, colors, configuration, etc., be advised that we will not offer you a refund if you are not satisfied with it, even if you feel I did a poor job of your custom request.

Return Policy

I warrantee all my products to be free of defects, and will fix or replace as needed, up to 3 years from the original ship date, whether or not you are the original purchaser. 

If I can not supply you with the product that I have promised to deliver, you are welcome to a refund of the original purchase price (not including shipping costs) if you return it in the same condition as you received it, within 3 weeks of receiving it. 

My warranty cannot extend to the following scenarios...

  • I really need the cash

  • It's not what I was looking for

If the pedal truly does not meet with your expectations, then of course I will give you a refund. Rarely does this occur, and I would never want you to keep something that doesn't meet my exacting standards.  If you don't like it, there may be something wrong with it; and I'd prefer to fix it rather than have you unload it on somebody else who may also end up dissatisfied.  If we determine that it does function and sound as it should, though; you may possibly get a better deal by selling it on the open market rather than getting a refund of the original purchase price.

Disputes and Charge-backs

If you are unhappy for any reason with your transaction, please make some honest effort to contact me before filing a payment dispute.  If we are late with your order, we will give you a discount to help make up for it.  If we left a question unanswered, please remind us. 

Total Quality and Continuous Improvement

Every Skreddy Pedals product is subject to continuous revision and improvement.  If there is a quality issue or something you don't like about your pedal, let us know.  We would like to fix it.  We want our products to get better and better all the time. 

Use at your own risk

Skreddy Pedals is not responsible for any personal injury or damage to any equipment or other property arising out of the use of our products.

Any amplifier can pose an electrocution hazard if not properly grounded; the "hot" power can electrify the "ground" wire and shock you through your guitar strings if you touch a grounded microphone, for example.  Have a qualified electrician check the polarity of any mains power supply you use and ensure that the hot and neutral are not reversed and that the ground wiring is functional. 

Power Supplies

We do not include batteries, and we do not sell or supply power supplies.  Please buy one of any number of appropriate power supplies from the many manufacturers that service that market.  E.g.; Diago, Dunlop, Boss, Ibanez, Morley, T-Rex, Voodoo Lab, Godlyke, BBE, Gator, Rocktron, Volz, etc. (all trademarks are the property of their respective owners)

Please ensure that any power supply you use to power your effects are the proper polarity and voltage.  Skreddy Pedals use negative-ground polarity and accept the industry-standard 9v DC power supplies, which have a 5.5mm barrel (positive) and 2.1mm center (negative) coax plug.  If you share a single power supply among multiple effects, you are responsible to make sure they are of the same negative-ground polarity (otherwise you risk damaging the effects and/or your power supply).  You can use up to 18v DC to power your Skreddy Pedals (unless the particular product's manual says otherwise) without damaging them, but they generally sound just fine at 9v.  For example the phasers call for 9v only and will sound different, more intense, with higher voltages, since they are run by means of LEDs and light-dependent resistors, and I have conserved space by not including an internal voltage regulator in them.