Skreddy PedalsTM
   Screw DriverTM

Versatile low, medium, or high- gain overdrive

Skreddy Pedals™ Screw Driver is the perfect marriage of sparkle, grit, and growl.  Featuring a detailed, cutting twang & jangle and at the same time a smooth, thick, touch-sensitive, mellow response, you will be amazed at the beautiful tones you will hear coming out of your amp.  Just the right amount of compression and a wonderfully biting attack along with a sweet, singing quality on leads.  Chords, arpeggios, double stops, single notes; everything cuts through and sits perfectly in a band mix.

You will hear familiar shades of Stones, Zeppelin, Floyd, Hendrix, SRV, Trower, Skynyrd, and REM; and you will definitely find your own unique voice loud and clear.

This pedal is so classic rock and yet so versatile and modern, it promises to do away with every other general-purpose overdrive on your pedal-board.

Incidentally, you will probably find that the Screw Driver has more output volume than you need, but it's there in case you love to push your amp!

Features 9v battery clip (no battery included), DC adapter jack, blue LED on/off indicator, and of course features true bypass switching.

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The Screw Driver has been replaced by the Screw Driver Mini Deluxe

Screw Driver User Manual (pdf)

A synthesis of clean boost, overdrive, and distortion

One of the most touch-sensitive pedals ever, this unique Skreddy Pedals design features a mosfet treble-boost input stage followed by a highly modified, tightly-controlled, hybrid fuzz circuit.  (The term "hybrid fuzz" refers to a silicon transistor driving a germanium transistor)

Every aspect of the Screw Driver has been optimized for maximum versatility, lush and controllable vintage 'dirt' voicing, noiseless performance, and ideal tonal balance.

Inspire yourself!

Controls: Volume, Gain, Sharpness, Brilliance and Pre-Gain


The Sharpness aka Tone control dials in the amount of bass going into the distortion section, for everything from thin, twangy treble-boost to midrange grit to thick, fuzzy breakup. 


Gain controls the tamed-down hybrid fuzz section (old-school silicon into germanium) and takes you from slightly gritty clean through touch-sensitive overdrive all the way to aggressive distortion. 


The Brilliance control is a trimpot accessible via a hole on the left side. It's set somewhere around 70% by me, and you can get a lot more brilliance and bite or make it darker and smoother, to suit your amp and taste.


The Pre-Gain control is a trimpot accessible via a hole on the right side.  It sets the gain of the mosfet input stage.  It's set somewhere around 30% by me these days for a very transparent, lower-gain attack.  I added this control to let users of humbuckers and other higher-output guitars get the same clean-up ability as single-coil users, but anybody who likes their overdrive to be clear and bell-like will love this feature!  You can go all the way to a rich-sounding clean boost with full, meaty bass frequencies undistorted (if you also turn down the Sharpness and Gain) OR, you can dial in a more aggressive, modern, compressed tone by turning up the Pre-Gain control.




Michael Moody, of Magic Amplification

Nice and Loud, a SWEET Solo Gibson SG -> Screw Driver -> Magic Amp AC15 clone

Sam Vilo

Amp is Aiken Invader EL34 30w clean and loud.

Part one: all knobs on Screw Driver at halfway

Part two: Screw Driver's gain knob at full

Michael Dukes

"...bridge pickup in my early 90s Paul Reed Smith EG, which is a TV Jones FilterTron. There's a bit of ambiance in some sections, it's an EchoCzar/Angelbaby. The amp is a Brit from Magic Amplification, which is sonically very close to a vintage Vox AC15. The mic is an Audix i5; the rest of the signal chain is vintage Neve 1272, Distressor, Apogee Duet into a MacBook Pro running Logic Studio. All the music itself is just being made up on the fly.

Screw Driver clip with drum loop

Part way through I dial the gain all the way up and the sharpness all the way down, just to show the extreme.

And I was beginning to think I needed a Les Paul..."


Comprehensive video demo showing different settings of the Brilliance and Pregain trimpots...

Teddy Boy (Daisy Band)...

Hi gents,

Came up with this foolish pseudo-Zep riff today and though I'd test the Screwriver with it. Sounds pretty nice IMO. The guitar is mostly Gibson Custom Shop VOS R8 through a Fender DRRI with an Eminence Swamp Thang. There's a bit of AV62RI in there for flavour too. Even the bass is recorded with the Screw Driver. There's a little surprise element at the end, an old friend I haven't touched for a year, you can hear the reason why, it's pretty difficult to master. I used the Screw Driver for a preamp on that too. Hope you enjoy!

Smokey Screw Driver Jam

(Copyright © 2006 Thomas Lilley)


Screw Driver ("At about 2:00 in the vid I turndown the pre-gain and up the brilliance a twist with the mini-screwdriver. ")



Open this huge folder of aggressive clips, showing a meaner side of overdrive!: Tommy Foytek

Featuring a faded SG guitar and a Roland BC-60 amp

Copyright 2006 (c) Tommy Foytek

John Taylor's...

I uploaded a 292 kbps snippet of my song "Paranoia" at

It starts right at the outtro solo after the last chorus. In the
right channel is a slide solo on the Strat with the Screw Driver (v:
8 o'clock; g: 2; sharpness: 8) going through the Blues Jr. se at a
low volume (master 3, vol 2). I added some plug in effects in Logic
- tape delay with some flutter (love that), little bit a compression,
and over the output of the track as a whole I have a nice 'spensive
reverb that came with Logic called "Space Designer."

The full song (which has some other bits of Screw Driver) is at

(Copyright © 2006 John Taylor)

The Gainster's...
bullet first Blues/light jazz picking over backing track
bullet second Bypassed sound, then effect on, demonstrating chords
bullet third Bypassed sound, then effect on, playing exact same sweeet licks.  Then some more just for fun!  :)  Equipment: PRS > Screw Driver > Mesa Boogie Blues Angel

(Copyright © 2005 Mitch Wyman)


low gain
Some bluesy noodling

First bypass, then with Screw Driver on
Volume: a touch lower than unity gain
Gain: almost all the way down
Sharpness: about 9:00 o'clock

Guitar: Strat on neck pickup with a little bridge pickup blended in
Amp: Traynor Mark III (100 Watts, EH tubes, Vol: 3, bass, mid, & treble all on 8, reverb: 1.5, Master Vol: 2)
Speaker: Jackson 2x12 with Celestians
Mic: SM57
Recorder: Cheap Sound Blaster computer sound card


medium gain
"Ten Years Gone"

First passage is bypassed, the rest is with the Screw Driver on.
Volume: 9:00 o'clock
Gain: 11:00 o'clock
Sharpness: 11:00 o'clock

Touch Sensitive
Volume: 9:00 o'clock
Gain: 2:00 o'clock
Sharpness: 10:00 o'clock

Clean Boost
Strat, neck pickup -> Screw Driver -> Ampeg V4 -> Audix i5 mic -> sound card
First I play an E chord bypassed,
Then the same chord with the Screw Driver in a typical distorted mode (gain ~2:00 o'clock, sharpness ~1:00 o'clock, volume ~unity gain)
Then I turn the gain down and play the chord again
Then I turn the volume up and play the chord again
Then I turn the sharpness almost all the way down and play the chord again to demonstrate the full bass response


I write/produce/record for a living, mostly pop and/or rock and/or roots, and generally use nice germanium  fuzzes for overdrive tones as well as for fuzz. I've owned so many  overdrives and none ever moved me like a fuzz. Well, your Screwdriver  hits the nail on the head -- overdrive and distortion for someone who  prefers fuzzes to any overdrive or distortion pedal. I was able to  easily dial in the trim pots in less than two minutes, and am certain  this pedal of yours will become a mainstay for my higher gain needs.

I love vintage 70's tones, but am working on a lot of stuff right now  that requires more modern tones in the general realm of Avril Lavigne  or the Veronicas. The Screwdriver nails it. The voicing of the  sharpness control is as if you read my mind. The gain control responds  perfectly. Guitar volume rolloff response is just what I would hope  for. It's going to be so easy to dial in a variety of tones on the  fly, without the low-mid buildup that's such a drag when you're  layering multiple distorted guitars. It's just ultra intuitive on  every level."

"Your Screwdriver really has made me crazy (in the best possible way).  I'm literally figuring out what other pedals I can sell so I can order  another -- the idea being to have one Screwdriver for my board, and  one to float freely about the studio."

I just received my screw driver. Finally, the sound I have been hearing in my head for 40 years is coming out of my amp.

Amazing. Thank you
I was so happy last night at my first gig I couldn't believe it. In my pedal board is an OCD and a Voodoo labs sparkle drive. I thought those two were the best combo I have ever had. In comparison the screw driver is a notch above, but in combination with the sparkle drive the guitar pretty much plays itself and I was just there for the ride. I have been playing for 40 years and have a serious collection of guitars, amps and effects. I ordered the pedal after reading the roundup in Guitar Play and it was well worth the wait to get it.
Thanks again"
"Hi Marc, I've been a Skreddy user for about 8 months now and I just wanted to drop by a line and say that your pedals have well passed the honeymoon phase. It may not mean a lot for you cause I'm no superstar but anyway for me it's worth a lot. I just started to do some session work for a guy who is releasing a cd this fall and I've been blowing away the producer and the band with the mayo, screwdriver and pink flesh (bought them from Cowtown). My own band released a cd last winter and unfortunately the recordings took place before I got my Skreddy pedals but at every show since then, the sound guys are always blown away by how my sound cuts throught the mix and how great it is.
It's not easy to find pedals that have such great tone and that are so inspiring. A great tone is always the starting point to getting songwritting ideas or to create some parts and my Skreddy pedals are helping doing just that. So thanks for that!"
"The Screw Driver arrived yesterday ahead of schedule! This is simply the best pedal I have ever played (and I have a very impressive collection)! IF I had to choose only one pedal, this would be it. It instantly brought my amp alive with dynamics and harmonics. I do mean ALIVE! For the first time, I felt my whole rig was responding to my slightest touch. The Screw Driver goes from sparkle to grit or vocal singing - at the same setting - based on picking dynamics. The Screw Driver is the definition of 'Touch Sensitive.' The attack is wonderful, chords and double stops are articulate and the pedal is completely noiseless. All the tones are just amazing. You could easily play all night with the pedal on. Kudos to you for the clips you put up because I could easily recreate those tones. This is such a rare treat. As I told you, those clips were the sound in my head and now I'm going to do some really wonderful things with them now that they are at my fingertips.

I was impressed with the build quality of the Zero, but this is even better. I don't think I've ever seen those 'can' looking components...

Thank you for building this pedal for me and for personalizing it."
"Hello again Marc, this afternoon I received my pedals and fortunatly the house was empty so I was able to connect them to my board and give them a good test drive. Holy shit, my friend. These two pedals both exceeded my expectations. Ive never ordered pedals before with a wait time, so needless to say I was a bit reluctant and nervous to see if I would even like them. My doubts are gone now.

I want to personally thank you for the fine pedals and service you offer. Its been a pleasure doing business with you and I hope nothing but the best for you and your future pedal building. Take care for now and talk soon, Thanks again."
I can tell you that it has the nicest tone control of any OD I have used. I like how you can dial in just the amount of bass that gets fed to it as well as being able to add some crispness via the trim pot. It has plenty of gain but I have been digging it at the lower gain settings. It pairs up very well with the Blues Pro and also does a fantastic job of pushing the Mayo over the edge. The low gain tones out of it are really nice and defined. Hard to explain but it just feels right. Nice and glassy but not harsh or brittle. Can be darkened plenty as well. Think of the FD-2 being able to sweep through Comp Cut to Vintage but all be the turn of a knob and not having to hit the switches. But where the FD-2 can leave me sounding a little flat at times, the SD just has a nicer roundness to it. It is very dynamic and reacts really good to your picking."
"When I choked down on the sharpness (back to 7 o'clock) the Screw Driver immediately hit me as being something that gives me back some low-mids I always want but have a hard time getting on the dinky little Blues Jr. Junior sounds wonderful turned up in a jam situation and gives me an amazing array of harmonics and color and dynamics. But in this (apartment) setting, I can't get it loud enough to hear any of that. Which is amazing as it's just about the lowest-powered tube amp I could find that sounds decent. I wanted something I didn't have to turn up too loud to start pushing the tubes. Anyway..... The low-mids are the tones that don't 'sell' when you're just blasting on an amp in the music store but they are a secret weapon when recording and playing with other instruments. If you listen to that recent track I did (all plug ins) the left channel was my attempt (fleeting and not very ambitious) to get that tone - it's a bottomy sounding big-cabinet soup with reverb. I can tell that this Screw Driver would give me that sound, only more precise and defined and colorful, without any effort at all. It's also got what I would call a 'subtle crunch' like what Pagey uses on riddum stuff - nothing so 'metal' that it's obviously a pedal distortion. Just a bit of carne with the beans. I'm sure it's an all-around pedal but this is the first blush - I have the settings like this; volume 12 o'; gain 4:30; sharpness 7 o'. The sharpness is really cool. It had been up around 12 but when I turned it down I immediately heard that big-cabinet acoustic."
Just thought I'd write to say that the Screwdriver rocks. I truely think that it is perhaps the best overdrive pedal ever made (not just saying that). Compared to all other pedals I've tried (and thats a lot) the Screwdriver just sounds better."
"From the Screwdriver I got SRV, Joe Walsh, Jimmy Page, Mark Knopfler, Myself.
This one's gonna take a while to explore; it's a journey I'm happy to have in front of me.
Thank you so much for sharing your talents with the larger music community.
I'm glad I purchased these pedals from you.
Two hours into my relationship with them and I already know it was money well spent."
"This pedal KICKS ASS! Unique sounds that I can hear incorporating tones I like from other pedals. Sharpness has a profound effect on low end, so you can dial it end right where you want it. I kept the Gain below 9 o'clock on this one too (guess I'm a pussy), and it was amazing! Sustain of a Mosferatu Dynamics of a Honey Bee Lower OD sounds reminded me of my Eternity (KINDA) This pedal really has a voice all its own.

Nice, accessible Brilliance pot on the side... I can tell this pedal would fit into any rig."
"The Screwdriver seems to be an unusual and innovative design. According to Skreddy's website it, 'features a mosfet treble-boost input stage followed by a highly modified, tightly-controlled, hybrid fuzz circuit.' And I can tell you that if you crank up the Brightness pot it will do treble boost, or if you crank up the gain and turn down the sharpness a bit it does take on a fuzz quality (not the best fuzz, but definitely fuzz). However, everything in-between comes out as a very natural sounding overdrive with sparkle and clarity. Also, if you turn the gain way down and set the Sharpness and Brightness to taste, it does a very respectable job as a regular boost.

I probably wouldn't use it as a fuzz, but it does do a very respectable treble or clean boost. The main thing, however, is the very clear, transparent, and dynamic low-gain overdrive that it does (again, with sparkle and a 3D quality to it)."
I received my Screw Driver a couple of days ago and have spent some time with it. Marc, I'm very pleased. A great range of super tones, very sensitive, and very compatible with other pedals. Excellent engineering and build quality. The trim pots are fantastic.

Thanks for the wonderful work."
"... It sounded so fat and toneful. ... And you're right, it's very amp-like.
Man, I just can't get over this thing. I am quite honestly shocked that the Screw Driver isn't getting more hype than it does. It's one of the most unique and satisfying pedals I've ever played.
Well, just had to let you know. I've been playing this thing almost nonstop since Wednesday, and I absolutely love it."