Skreddy PedalsTM

Lush, Tape-Like, Saturated Delays with Adjustable Warble

Ultra-High Sample-Rate (Delta-Sigma) Digital Delay with Analog Filtering and Limiting
Transparent, Analog "Dry" Path with Tons of Headroom
Effects Loop for Delay Line

The Skreddy Echo™ was designed to take over the duties of my old, green, tube tape echo.  My design goals were simple: 1) make it sound 'right';  2) it should inspire.  It is intended to emulate electro-mechanical units of the past and is not clean or pristine.

The repeats degrade very gradually into a musical, harmonic soup if you turn them up high enough.  Self oscillation is possible (though not in a touchy or unpredictable way) without the bothersome runaway volume some old analog delays have.

All hand wired with Switchcraft open-frame jacks.

Download Manual (pdf)

Thanks to Björn Juhl for helpful advice with regard to my limiter circuit.

Download Blank Settings Sheet (pdf)

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Get Lost in Your Playing Again
bullet Great classic tape delay tones (~50ms -- ~550ms) with as much or as little warble as you like
bullet Sounds equally great clean or with overdrive, distortion, or fuzz in front
bullet Effects loop allows delay-only processing or "wet" amp stereo setup featuring trails when the normal output is in bypass
bullet Huge range, including slap-back, atmospheric, cathedral/stadium, self-accompanying rhythms, expansive delays, self-oscillation, vibrato-chorus-detuned effects, etc.
True bypass, runs on DC adapter only* (not included), in/out/dc jacks all on back side, loop jacks on left side.

Size: 5" long x 4" wide x 3" tall (including jacks and knobs)


Allow about 4 months for us to get through our list and make your pedal.  If I don't answer an email, please re-send it in case I missed it.  We are busier now than ever.

US orders will be sent via USPS Priority Mail (signature may be required).

International orders will be sent USPS Global Priority (where available).

We will not declare your package at a lower value for customs; be prepared to pay your country's import duty when you receive the package.


(note: a power supply is NOT INCLUDED)

DC power supply must have a standard 5.5mm barrel x 2.1mm center coax
 Polarity: negative center (industry standard)
 -- for example, a Boss™ or Roland™ or Digitech™/Harman Pro™ 9vdc power supply --
Amperage: you will want to supply a minimum of 100 ma

(Note: it will not actually draw 100 ma; this just provides a generous surplus which insures that no variations in supply voltage will be carried through the circuit from the LFO sweep--and this is not important at all unless you are trying to dial out every bit of pitch-shift modulation).

Actual current draw is only about 26mA.

Voltage can be 9v for the stock, soft, "vintage" tone,
or higher, up to 18v, for a clearer, harder, more "bell-like" tone -- for example, the Dunlop™ 18vdc power supply --

Do not use an AC power supply
DC power only

Trim Pots:
(accessible via holes in sides--no need to remove cover)

Loop Level (left side): allows you to reduce the volume of the effects return signal.  A great many things you might consider using in the loop boost the signal (throwing the echo into an unbalanced state with excessive volume and self-oscillation); this is your attenuator for those effects that lack their own volume control.

This control is ALWAYS ACTIVE when the delay is in use regardless of whether you're using anything in the effects loop. This will also allow you to de-intensify the "Mix" control and open up the range of subtle settings.

Factory setting: 100% ("5:00 o'clock")

Modulation Range (right side): allows you to manage the range of the warble intensity knob.  This is a good thing for three reasons:

1, you can eliminate the possibility of accidentally getting something un-useful on stage

2, because of the way the circuit is designed, you can actually get a slightly shorter minimum delay if you turn the modulation range down really low, allowing for bathtub-style reverb/slap-back effects

3, if you use a higher voltage power supply, you will need to adjust the modulation range downward, as the stronger power supply drives the LED brighter, making the modulation more intense (yes; the modulation is driven by an LED/LDR combination--you can see it at work if you remove the lid).

Factory setting: 50% ("noon")

It is normal to hear a tiny bit of white noise or a slight distortion in the delay line; this is part of its character, and it gets lost in the mix while playing anyway.

Sound Clips:

Matt McCloskey

Eric Johnson-style Skreddy Echo demo


John Taylor

Blue Glacier
Loop Station with Skreddy Echo with warble

Cords in Ardor
This one uses both the Skreddy echo - on a short doubling echo with warble - and the Boss digital on a long soupy setting.

Shocked Quartz
Slide and ebow: infinite nonattack sustain and glisando.


Lou Vena

Watson's Last Waltz
Skreddy Oscillation Demo

Marko Mijailovic

Skreddy Echo Demo
Cranked Echo

Michael Dukes

Slapback (solo'd guitars) (604 KB)
Slapback (in the mix with other instruments) (804 KB)
That's Screw Driver on both parts, Echo, into the usual suspect Magic Brit. I think the L guitar is Tele bridge, the R guitar the PRS with TV Jones FilterTron bridge."

Subtle Echos (3,724 KB)
PRS -> Screw Driver -> Echo -> Magic Amp AC15 clone

  1. clean, bypassed

  2. clean with subtle echo

  3. clean, bypassed

  4. clean with chorus/vibrato effect

  5. distortion bypassed

  6. distortion with subtle echo

Brian Beyke

Nine (clip) (699.23KB)
Reverend Slingshot on the center through a Vintage Twin Reverb and an Orange AD-30R


Jonathan Wilson

Rhodes clip (381.79KB)
Electric piano into Skreddy Echo with a Whammy octave-up in the loop


"Empress Super Delay, Skreddy Echo, Electro Harmonix Micro Synth Wanking" in which the Super Delay is being used as a looper and the Skreddy Echo is being used as a "soup"-er



Demos and Clips:

Chicago Music Exchange

Nick likes the dreamy modulated wash effect... takes us through a few different settings...

Demo begins by demonstrating how it sounds when you sync up the warble rate with the delay time--just a lovely wet, dimensional delay sound, with a subtle undulating current.

1:15 proceeds to increase the warble rate, which throws very obvious pitch bending effects into the mix, even though the intensity knob stays in the same spot.

2:07 changes every knob setting to a longer delay time with wetter mix, fewer repeats, and milder pitch shifting.

3:13 reduces mix, increases repeats, and boosts modulation

3:43 maximum delay time, very ambient

4:56 maximum warble speed and higher intensity

5:56 traditional medium delay time with minimum warble

6:58 shorter delay, lots of repeats, and stronger warble

7:40 turning down the warble, still very wet mix and lots of repeats

Fade out to fast dotted eighths.


the late John Taylor




Playing with the effects loop:



"I used the Bastin Sport, which is essentially a Travis Bean with SD Phatcats, into a Screwdriver and Echo for the first parts. The higher gain leads at the end are Lunar Module. All through the clean channel of an older Mesa Dual Rectifier."


(note: the ticking sound is the video camera's fault)


Squier strat into pedalboard into Skreddy Echo dry output thru fender dual showman reverb and delay output thru mesa boogie triple rectifier, loop played thru fender bandmaster reverb.  GNX3 used for whammy octave down for bass line, rotary sim and looper.

Clips, continued...

Chris Trull
guitar>big box Rat>echo> THD Flexi

Billy Corgan talks about his Skreddy Echo in Premier Guitar's Rig Rundown:



"Just wanted to express to you how much I enjoy your company and the pedals it produces.

I got my Echo in a few weeks ago and it is the best delay I've ever used and hands down one of my favorite pedals - I put a cheap pitch shifter in the FX loop, so the delay repeats create a cool oscillating sequence.

I managed to find a Pig Mine last year which I run with the Echo -I've tuned in the perfect Gilmour tone with these together, on my Marshall.

Thanks for making awesome products and pedals I want to play both because they sound amazing and because they are an ode to some great musicians!

Will buy more in the future."


"Right now I'm in my studio and took a couple of delays off the shelves to do some testing. Since most of my delays are old, I plugged into a XXX which is one of the modern delays I have...


Marc, this is not because I'm speaking to you...but now that I've used a different delay in my pedalboard, I really love the Echo's sound. a pedal with a lot of bells & whistles (XXX) don't even come close to the Echo's sound and simplicity. I looked at my friend and both laughed at it..."


"The Skreddy Echo got here on Friday. I plugged it in then, am basically just now getting up from my first session with it.

I have never, in my life, been so in musically sync with a musical device. I laughed in sheer, child-like musical joy for hours.

Fantastic work. I feel extremely grateful to own this."


"Absolutely amazing! I currently own an xxx & xxx... Both great, and I still wanted yours, I heard something unique about it and now that I have it in person it confirms it. If I only was going to use 1 delay this would easily be it! That's why I bought one. It's capable of so much. I seriously love this pedal. I always tell people what I own or like, I work at a local studio & have musician friends. They don't always listen but this I'll have to convince them and show them in person!
Thanks for everything,
Probably buy something else of yours soon, who knows..."


"I just wanted to let you how totally awesome the Echo is. I played all weekend with it and it is just sounds soooooo good brother. Due to this musical harmonic soup you talk about with the repeat knob turned up I believe I have truly been inspired to play better and do some stuff I didn't know I could even do. My drummer buddy came over and we jammed better than ever with this musical harmonic soup washing our souls in the background.  Thank you for an awesome pedal and a pedal that will most definitely bring me inspiration. This thing is beyond what I can describe in words. Great job man and certainly worth the wait! "


"Hi Marc,Got the delay I ordered from you a few days ago.It,s a musical instrument all to it,s own.Thanks for making a delay that comes close to mimicing my EP 3, it is so much more then just a EP3 replicator.I very happy with it, it was well worth the wait."


"Everything sounds good going into it, honestly. I was playing some clean shit with just comp and Echo yesterday and I got lost for a good 45 minutes."


"For the saturated, dirty heads/old tape sound - I haven't played anything that has come close to the Skreddy, and can do it reliably."

Huey Redwine:

got it today! wow..... makes me smile! very familiar, and easy to use, and takes dirt wonderfully!!!! putting the EP3 on the shelf. really great pedal.... thanks Marc!


"I've owned a ton of great gear.
There are wonderful guitars, amps and pedals out there.
I've had a lot of stuff meet my expectations.
I've had some stuff exceed my expectations.
I've had a few things blow me away.
Your Echo is one of those things in the later category.

It is simply the most inspirational and musical delay I have ever experienced.

I've had a ton of delays. From simple to feature-laden, analog, digital and hybrid. Tap-tempo delays as well.
While I've never owned an Echoplex, I have heard many in person and played through a couple.
I owned a XXX and really loved the unit, but wasn't too thrilled about the maintenance it required.
(Not a knock on xxx, that's just what a real tape-echo requires.)

I feel like I have an Ecohplex down at my feet. Only I don't have to purchase, clean and maintain the tape cartridges.
The way your Echo melds with my guitar tone. The way the repeats can go on for so long, and still remain in the background,
and not take over my signal, is something I've only heard with a real tape-echo unit.
The full control over the modulation, the included Loop (which I've only just begun to mess with), and the size of the box,
are all outstanding features, that I can't believe you were able to implement.

It is difficult to put into words the tingling a musician gets when they realize they have a truly special piece of gear in their hands.
I just wanted to let you know you reached that mark, and then some, with your Echo.

The only "bad news" is that I bought the Echo, and a Lunar Module from Cowtown Guitars.
I couldn't resist, even though I really like dealing with the builder directly, and you've been one of the best in the biz to deal with.

I'm off to go play some more!"