Skreddy Pedals
Dual Loop

The pedal dance is over

Do you need to switch between a modern, clean, compressed, chorused tone and a dirty, vintage, dynamic fuzz tone?  During the same song?  Quickly?

The Skreddy Pedals™ Dual Loop allows you to alternate between two distinct effects loops with a single stomp switch.

May also be used as an A/B box, a multi-amp signal splitter, or a tuner-mute switch.  The Dual Loop features 2 bright LEDs (A=red and B=blue), a Boss™-style negative-tip DC adapter jack, and a 9v battery clip (but no battery) is included. 

Note: the shunt I used to wire between the send and return jacks (which disconnected when a plug was inserted into the return jack) is no longer being used.  It was determined that in very high-gain, high-volume applications, the shunting jack caused feedback and squealing.  What this means is you need to use a patch cord between send and receive when you want to use your Dual Loop as a single true-bypass box.

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The size of a small MXR™ pedal, a Skreddy Pedals™ Dual Loop will help conserve your precious pedalboard real estate.
Box dimensions:  2 1/2" wide x  4 1/2" long x 1 1/2" tall

Attractive brushed-aluminum box, high quality graphics, and a fine finish give Skreddy Pedals a hard-core look and feel that will complement your other gear for decades to come.

Custom hand made to order.
There is currently a 2-week waiting period; order your Dual Loop today. 
Order will be shipped via US Postal Service Priority Mail in the US and Global Priority (where available) internationally.

Skreddy Pedals™ are carefully hand-built with only the finest parts for durable, reliable, noiseless, and pop-free operation. 

Dual Loop User Manual (pdf)

Dual Loop
Do all of your pedals get along with each other?
Have a few that you NEVER use at the same time?
Alternate between two discrete banks of effects with a single click!